"Working with Shannon has helped me become a more mature softball player with has only enhanced my physical play. By having a better mindset I have been able to accomplish things that I could not do in the past and fill in the "mental breaks". As I have reached this mature way of thinking about my own play I have been able to develop strong leadership qualities to help other do the same."

- Tori Poplaski (Collegiate Softball player)

"Working with Shannon helped me through many of the difficulties collegiate scholar/athletes face, primarily focus and discipline both on and off the field. She gave me concise 5min exercises to perform while waiting in line or walking to class that had surprisingly positive affects on my mental abilities. I loved working with her, and continue to look forward to our work and progress in the future."

-University of Rochester Soccer Player, Steve W.

“Over the past eight months I have been working with Shannon Walton on a variety of sports related mental skills techniques prevalent to my squash game. As varsity captain I had the leadership role of captaining a group of ten players through a six month season. While working with Shannon I was able to focus on a variety of squash-oriented routines and analysis that helped improve my mental preparation, stamina and overall well being on court. Shannon's eagerness to work with me was a pleasure and I was enthusiastic about working with a sports psychologist for one of my three years in college. After a drastic season-ending injury, Shannon was able to help me regain the confidence and endurance along with physical rehabilitation to help get me back on court for squash nationals at Harvard. I strongly recommend Shannon and credit her with improving my on court preparation and overall demeanor on the squash court.”

- University of Rochester Men's Squash Player

"As a first year head coach coming into a complex team environment, I had a number of issues with players performances and their ability to respond to change. I was fortunate enough to acquire the services of Shannon and she immediately had an impact on our structure. After several observations, Shannon was able to meet with our players and determine methods by which to improve the focus and therefore the performance. Despite the adversity experienced by the players, they were able to overcome their daily challenges and create history by becoming the first ever soccer team in our school’s history to reach the NCAA tournament. I attribute much of that success to the expertise and astute knowledge that Shannon has in the realms of mental skills training."

-Head Men's Soccer Coach at Nazareth College, D. Gilbertson

"Four months ago, when I lost a point in squash, I would have gotten super angry, slammed my racket against the wall, and lost the game. Now, after working with Shannon, I calmly wipe my hand on the wall, take a deep breath, "self talk" and win the next point. I think the most important thing I did while working with Shannon was to form a concrete warm-up routine that I do before every match. It includes visualizing, physically warming up, deep breathing, and then just before I enter the court, brief self-talk. This routine has helped me to be focused and ready every time I walk on the court. Just talking about the mental aspects of my sport has helped me learn about myself and that I can drastically improve my game just by being mentally prepared."

-Women's high school squash player, Eliza C.

"Working with Shannon has helped me analyze what I needed to work on the most, which was staying focused and developing useful routines. Shannon gave me many techniques that I have taken right to the course to help me stay focused for full 18 holes. Also having consistent pre-round and pre-shot routines has helped eliminate the anxiety of performing under pressure.

-St. Bonaventure Golfer, Kevin W.

"Shannon offers a very pragmatic approach to performance that student athletes can understand and implement, most importantly our program’s work with Shannon yielded results.”

-Head Women's Golf Coach at Cortland College, M. Discenza

"I started working with Shannon after what is referred to in the gymnastics/cheerleading world as a tumbling block. I was suddenly unable to do my back hand springs which is very important as a cheerleader. This is also the building block for most other tumbling passes and moves in cheerleading. I enjoyed working with Shannon; she was a great person to talk to. Her multiple tools and ideas helped me feel more confident in my tumbling. Shannon met with me at both my home and at the gym where I tumble. After meeting with me at the gym she was able to create more strategies to help me overcome my fear of tumbling. I continue to use some of her recommendations today to help me to stay confident in my tumbling."

-High School Cheerleader, Allie M.

"I have been working with Shannon for the past two years. Initially, we focused on my mental approach both on and off the field but she has also helped me in so many other ways. Her knowledge, approach and insights have helped me to become mentally tough and maintain a positive outlook no matter what comes my way. Shannon has taught me the importance of goal setting, how to set proper goals, and to be process oriented instead of just results oriented. In the past two years I've become much more comfortable with myself and confident in myself. I know the skills that I've developed will help me to excel at the collegiate level and have that mental edge over my opponents. Just as important, these are skills that will help me to succeed in life."

-High School Softball Player (soon to be playing DI at Arkansas), Maddie Reese

"Over the past year and a half I have been blessed to have the great support from a high level mental skills coach. Shannon has helped me develop goals that I continue to stay focused to achieve. Various goals that I’ve already achieved have been receiving an athlete scholarship to play soccer at college. Also, I’ve gained the chance to trial with three professional soccer clubs, one in the United States, and two in the United Kingdom. Without her continued encouragement I would not be able to push through these tough and challenging times as a teenager trying to find my place in life. Shannon has been marvelous by developing my mental strength to be a strong character on the soccer pitch and the classroom. I love working with Shannon, she has been a great asset to my life. I will continue to work with her as I grow into a strong young man. Thank you Shannon for all of your help, it has been much appreciated and I know we will further our relationship."

-High School Soccer player, Matt H.