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We aren’t just about building muscle. We build character. This is your go. Your push to do more. To go further. We’re not just shaping bodies here – we’re shaping the way people live. Because at the end of the day, nothing helps you see the world differently, more positively, like the lens of confidence. This is your go. Your green light. Your time to prove yourself. To rise above even your own expectations. You can break any chains that hold you back. You just have to have the heart to do it. And you have the heart to do it. Milestones will be met. Records will be broken. Doors will open wide. This is it. Don’t just stand there. Embrace your ambitions. Rise up. Take on the world. Go.

Since formation in April 2010, New York Premier Soccer has experienced extensive growth and brought about many exciting developments for soccer in upstate New York. Our growing body of soccer professionals at NYPS continue to work towards delivering enhanced development opportunities for more and more players and coaches in upstate New York.

The full time coaching staff at NYPS originates from all over the world, with the majority being from the UK and Ireland. The values and passion of the staff remain consistent with what the NYPS brand stands for.

Some characteristics that NYPS coaches will be recognized for include; passion for the game, enthusiasm, communication, dedication, innovation and professionalism amongst many more.

Through a consistent professional approach to coaching, which encourages exciting and attacking soccer, excellence surfaces amongst our players and the organizations we work with. This allows players to have the best chance to progress into effective and ultimately successful soccer players capable of playing at the highest level of soccer throughout the world.