About Me

My name is Shannon Walton and I am the owner of Ultimate Mental Edge. My interest in the area of sport psychology developed out of a passion for both athletics and the mind. I have played multiple sports throughout my life, mainly soccer, cycling and skiing. Soccer has been my longest sport playing from age 4 to college and after. When I discovered it was possible to combine sport and training the mind together I knew I had found my career path in life. To pursue my career in sport psychology I went to Ithaca College where I graduated with a degree in Exercise Science and a minor in Psychology. I then went on to pursue my Master's in the area of Counseling from the University of Rochester. During my time at the U of R I completed my internship at the University Counseling Center where I worked with college students as well as practicing mental skills training with various athletes and teams. The specific area of mental skills training I focus on is called performance enhancement which is designed to do just as it says, enhance an athlete’s performance through mental skills and techniques. I also specialize in working with injured athletes to assist them in dealing with their injury and return to their sport.

Sports that have I worked include but are not limited to: Soccer, Basketball, Baseball/Softball, Lacrosse, Golf, Gymnastics, Running, Squash, Tennis, Figure Skating, Volleyball, Skiing (Nordic and Alpine), Cheerleading, Dancers, Cycling, Rowing, Bowling, Football, Darts, and Curling.

I have also worked with businesses using the skills and techniques in mental training to help improve business performance.

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