Consulting Services

Sports Psychology has many areas of focus. Listed below is a brief outline of the main consulting services I specialize in. If you feel that you may need other services please contact me and I can further assist you in figuring out what is best suited for you. Consulting sessions can be face to face, over the phone or using Skype/Facetime. If you are located outside of Vermont, travel arrangements can be discussed. Please use the Contact Me link above to reach me.

Parent Services - I work with parents to help them understand what their child is going through as well as address their own thoughts and feelings surrounding what their child is experiencing.     

Peak Performance Plan - The athlete and I create a plan for helping them achieve their performance objectives and goals.

Team Services - Working with coach to find out what the needs are of the team and then creating sessions to help the team achieve their needs and goals.

Injured athlete - A relatively new area that focuses on helping an injured athlete maintain a positive mindset through rehabilitation as well as returning to sport.

"The players who get the most out of their ability recognize the mental game's importance and find ways to improve their mental skills. Part of what makes these players successful is their ability to adjust. They are consistently at or near their best even when they don't feel their best. Unfortunately most players leave the mental game to chance, not realizing a strong mental game can be developed." -Focused for Soccer, Beswick (2000)