UME's Phases to Peak Performance

The four phases outlined below are the pathway to reaching your peak performance zone. Each phase will be discussed with the athlete and then tailored to fit the athlete to achieve maximum benefits. 

Phase 1 – Discovery Meeting(s) 
  • Explain how sessions, relationship work 
  • Go over your performance area(s) of concern 
  • Establish your key focus areas 

Phase 2- Establish Goals/Assessments 
  • Assess/analyze performances 
  • Breaking down cognitive, behavioral, and environmental areas 
  • Set targets and goals with action steps 

Phase 3- Creation of Psychological Skills 
  • Create specific tools/skills/techniques 
  • Modify what works/what does not 
  • Solidify the tools/skills/techniques 
Phase 4- Follow-Through & Maintenance 
  • Small tweaks and/or adjustments 
  • Move to fully integrating into your performance